1.what is the busiest part of the day for you?

From about 10 o'clock to noon. That is when i have to take care of my work and tings are a bit hectic.

2.What part of your day do you like best?

My favourite part of the day is late afternoon, because the day's work is coming to an end, I can go home, and i have the evening to look forward to, and the weather is generally pleasant and cool.

3.Do you usually have the same routine every day

Almost. I start my day with coffee, then rush to the train station to go to work and back home. Not too much room for flexibility when you work 9 hours a day and you are 12 hours out of the house. I dream of becoming a freelancer especially for this reason.

4.What is your daily routine?

In a typical weekday I have to wake up a bit early and revise my university lessons and then I rush to the university campus to attend the lecture. At around 2.00 pm I eat my lunch in the cafeteria and spent the whole evening in the library. After I return home at around 7.00 pm I spent my time in my study room and have my dinner with my family members. I watch a news channel for an hour and then get back to my room. I read a story book for a while and at around 1.00 am I go to bed.

5.Do you ever change your routine?

I always want some changes in my life, so my routines also are constantly changing. I do not like to have mundane or routine set of activities each day, that would be boring. Also, having different patterns can keep others guessing about your whereabouts, just adds to the security factor!

6.Do you think it is important to have a daily routine?

Not really. I try to make each of my day a little different to the previous one, to keep me motivated and to add to the fun.

7.What would you like to change in your day to day routine?

I would like to get up earlier in the morning than I do now. Next, I would like to take up regular exercises in a gymnasium. Apart from that, I would like to leave office/ university early to walk in the park for an hour. Apart from that, my current daily routine is all good.

8.Are all your days the same?

Not really. For me, a day-off is quite different than the busy working day in every perspective. Apart from that different circumstances and events make the days different from each other. While Sunday is a day to spend time with my family members and to meet friends and play with them in the evening, I have a tight schedule at the university and work on Monday.

9. when time do you get up?

Well, let's see. Some days I wake up early. Maybe about 6 o'clock. Yeah, sometimes I wake up at 6 o'clock.When I get up early, I like to get ready for the day, take a shower and have breakfast. But other days, I don't like getting up early. Maybe I'll sleep in until 10:00 or 11:00.

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Describe an achievement that you are proud of (新题).


You should say:

What it was

How it was made

What difficulties have you encountered during the process

Why you are proud of this achievement

Well, it's probably difficult to believe but last year i knocked off X killos in about 6 months, and this is what I am still enormously proud of. I have to confess...I used to be a very lazy girl who loved fast food and hated sports.And at that time I was so slim that i didn't even think that one day being overweight wold become my number 1 problem. So when I realised tha tI'd put on X kilos, I decided to lose weight and get fit, no matter what.

And so it began. I started exercising daily. I went gogging in the mornings and I walked in the evenings. Also, i ditched junk food and stopped buying sancks, whicvh I couldn't live without. I started sticking to a diet. You know, no sweets, no rice, no cheeseburgers, and French fries. Noing. Only salads, vegetables, fruits and plenty of fluids. I ate only healthy food and drank a lot of water daily. I cooked foods in healthier ways such as boiling, baking and stewing. I read somewhere that it is better to have a few light meals instead of on main meal. So i followed this advice too. I continued this practice for six straight months. As a result, I lost more than X kilograms.

Now I'm not only as slim as I used to be, but I'm also fit enough. And I'm genuinely proud of my achievement. I should say it was hard to change my habits, my diet and my lifestyle, and at some point I was about to give up because all those activities were really time consuming. But I didn't, thank God, though I was facing a lot of difficulties. Another thing that makes me feel inordinately proud of myself is that I achieved great results without anybody's help. I just read blogs and forums, used a lo of online resources, but it was I that decided what to do with myself. This is something I never thought I could do. You can't even imagine how much effort I put in achieving this result. I would even say I was fighting the battle of my life. And i won.


what is achievement?

I became the champion of ...in boxing.

I earned my first money.

i won a scholarship.

i conquered my fear of public speaking/ drowning/ heights

i ran a marathon.

i rescued a stray cat/dog.

i raised a lot of money for charity.

what do you do to achieve it?

I found a friend who did it professionally and asked them to help me.

I watched step-by-step video lessons on the internet.

I practice along with video tutorials.

i tried out an online courses.

i read blogs and forums.

I stopped wasting time on irrelevant things.

How easy or difficult was it?

I was pressed for time.

I had neither experience nor money

It took a considerable amount of planning and organisation on my part

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Describe a time you had good experience in the countryside.


You should say:
where you went
what you did
when you did it
who you went with
and explain why it was enjoyable.

Okay. Let me tell you about my experience last summer when we visited my grandparents in a village in Shandong Province.
My grandparents’ village is by the Huang He River. In the first 2 days there, everything was still fresh, the woods, the water, the lotus leaves, the pond, the cattle, the fields and the cicada hunting. And then boredom started to haunt me. It was hot and there was no air conditioner and few entertainments were available.

cicada /skɑ.d/ n. 知了猴
boredom start to haunt me... 无趣的觉得刚开始困惑我...
One summer afternoon, my cousin Daniel and I were wandering along the river bank wondering what to do to kill this boring summer afternoon. All of a sudden, Daniel got an idea. He told me we should have a competition, which took me by surprise. In that heat and in that kingdom of boredom, what competition could we have, to see who could survive longer standing in the burning sun without drinking any water? He proceeded by explaining that we should each dig a piece of mud, make it into a shape of a bowl, cast it onto the ground upside down and then see whose bowl make the biggest sound. It sounded stupid in the beginning and failed to intrigue me. But when Daniel jumped into the river and did as he explained, I decided to try. It honestly felt awesome to have hands and feet inside the cool mud and water. And the explosion of the mud bowl miraculous excited me.

kill v. 消遣(時间)
take sb. by surprise 让别人觉得出现意外
intrigue /ntriɡ/ v. 使...很感兴趣
And the next thing I could remember was we playing and playing and playing and playing and we didn’t even notice the sun had started to set. It was such a fun and nice experience in my memory.

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