Now, people can use Internet to see historic objects freely. People think we don’t need museum in the future. To what extend do u agree or disagree. 如今,大家能够 在互联网技术上见到历史文化,许多人觉得人们在将来不用历史博物馆,你一直在多多方面愿意或抵制这一观点?

Nowadays, people perform their everyday tasks, such as banking, shopping as well as business transactions, without the need of meeting other people face to face. What are the possible effects of the phenomenon on the individual and the society as a whole? 如今许多 人能够 根据互联网做许多 事儿,比如买东西和买卖,这针对本人和社会发展的危害是啥?


Someone believes that a tax-payer has done his part as a citizen. However, someone believes that a citizen should assume other responsibilities. Discuss both views and present your opinion. 许多人觉得纳税者就早已尽来到公民义务,有觉得觉得公民应当担负别的义务,探讨二种观点,谈及你的观点?


Nowadays, customers are facing increasing advertisements with the competition of different companies. To what extent do you think customers are influenced by advertisements? What measures can be taken to protect the customers? 如今广告词越来越多,广告词在多少的水平上危害了顾客,怎样维护顾客?


Some people think that sending criminals to prison is not the best method of dealing with them. Education and job training are better ways to help them. Do you agree or disagree? 许多人觉得将犯罪嫌疑人送进牢房并不是最好是的处理违法犯罪难题的方式,文化教育与工作学习培训是更强的方式,你一直在多多方面上适用或抵制这一观点?


Some people think that environmental problems are too big for individuals to solve. Others, however, believe that the problems cannot be solved unless individuals take some actions. Discuss both views and give your own opinion? 许多人觉得环境污染问题本人没法承担,许多人觉得环境污染问题不可以被处理除非是本人付诸行动,探讨二种观点,谈及你的观点.


Some people say that governments should pay for the healthcare and education but other people say that it is not the governments' responsibility. Discuss the both viewpoints and give your opinion. 有些人政府部门应当给诊疗教育付钱,有些人这并不是政府部门的义务,探讨二种观点,谈及你的观点.


Currently,many people fail to balance the work with the other parts of lives, what are the reasons and how to solve it? 如今,一些人无法均衡工作中生活的别的一部分,缘故在哪,怎样处理?

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In some countries, men and women are having children at later age than in the past. What are the reasons for this development? Do advantages of this development outweigh disadvantages? 大家延迟生孕小孩的時间,这种情况的原因?利与弊?


持续4周教育话题讨论以后,这个星期的雅思作文总算赶到社会生活服务类.人们如今常常见到一种状况,那便是年轻夫妇婚后却不慌着怀孩子,一直直到30岁,乃至40岁之后才怀孩子.这个是什么原因呢?这一题型是2015年5月21日的模拟题翻板[Nowadays men and women in many countries decide to have babies at an older age. What are the reasons? What effects does this trend have on society and family life? ],只不过是那一次在解析完原因以后规定学生解析晚育对社会与家庭的危害,而此次规定学生解析晚育的益处和弊端.2次优秀作文好像略微差别,但若细心思索,实际上并无多少差别.

那麼导致晚育愈来愈时兴的原因都有哪些呢?“化学物质/心理状态/社会”三个逻辑思维层级,此刻就能够 找到用处了.从化学物质而言,许多 年轻夫妇沒有充足的時间和钱财养着小孩;从心理状态而言,许多 年轻夫妇期望在生小孩以前享有大量随意時间,例如全球去旅行,去发展趋势自身的兴趣爱好;从社会而言,工作中升职的工作压力使年轻夫妇没法怀孩子.一样,晚育的益处和弊端也可从这好多个层级来考虑到:富有的父母对小孩抚养更有益;全球阅历丰富的父母能尽快教育小孩;社会影响力高的大龄父母更有将会制订有益于晚育父母的现行政策.自然,晚育有将会对父母的人体导致工作压力,但比较发达的现代科学技术性能合理处理这一难题.总的来说,这一晚育的题型是较为好写的.可是,怎样写成个性化,写成实际的內容,还必须学生有普遍的社会专业知识和恰当的创作对策.


When Laura Wade-Gery, the boss of Marks and Spencer gave birth to a baby at 50, it immediately made headline news. As a matter of fact, quite many men and women in some countries nowadays have made up their mind to have kids only late in life. To my mind, this trend of the older parents brings more benefits than harms to both the baby and the parents.

(1) 本段以一个知名的晚育事例引出来话题讨论,随后明确提出自身的见解.自然,你还可以挑选用数据信息来开始,例如A recent survey shows that globally over 40% young couples decide to have kids late in life, while this figure was only 15% twenty years ago. 以这类方法来开始,好些于模版式的开始,例如Nowadays many young people decide to have kids late in life and people have different opinions on this. Some think..., but others believe....

(2) 文中必须持续表述汉语里“晚育”的含意,老雅用了几类不一样的表述:to have kids late in life; older parents; wait to have kids; put off having kids; delay having kids; delayed parenthood.

(3) Make headline news 变成今日头条

(4) Make up their mind 决策; 信心

(5) To my mind 我认为;我觉得

Couples wait to have kids for many different reasons. To begin with, many young couples are not financially ready for a new member coming to the family. More often than not, the newly married couples have just started their career and are still struggling to make their ends meet, and an additional member would be a great burden. But even if free from financial problems, many young couples still refuse to start a family with kids because they wish to develop their various potentials or experience the world before they have kids. Most importantly, many young people put off having babies because the society has very strong parenthood penalties. A mom, for instance, is less likely to stay up in her office to get ahead if she has a baby at home, the consequence of which is that her chances of promotion become slimmer.

(1)本段探讨许多 人延迟怀孩子的三个原因:经济发展原因,本人心理状态原因和社会原因,遵照循序渐进的论述次序.

(2)More often than not 常常

(3)Make (both) ends meet 量入为出;收支相抵

(4)Free from... (=without)沒有......;可免于......

(5)Potential 发展潜力

(6)Penalty 处罚

(7)Get ahead 名利双收

(8)Slim 苗条的

Many people argue that the delayed parenthood may pose physical challenges to couples, especially the older mom, and it is quite unfair on the child to have old parents because they probably won’t live long enough to see the child grow up. This may be true, but modern medical technology has significantly reduced the risks involved in birth-giving and equally significantly prolonged our life span so that the older parents, like their younger counterparts, can just as well accompany their kids in their life’s journey. But on top of that, having kids later in life can be beneficial in unique ways: it is good to the baby because its parents are now financially and emotionally better conditioned ; it is good to the parents because now they have been well established so that they have more time for their kids; it is good to the society because those parents who delay having kids and advance top positions of authority at work now have the power to set policies other older parents would benefit from, like offering paid maternity and paternity leave or allowing flexible work schedules.


(2)Prolong 增加

(3)Counterpart 相匹配的人或物

(4)On top of that 此外

(5)Position of authority 有权利的部位

(6)Maternity leave 生育假

(7)Flexible 灵便的

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