本主题: Describe a law/rule that you think is good( 一个好的法律/规则),候选人不应该对法律和法规过于警惕,不需要遵守法律条款,事实上,除了法律之外, 可以说有 rule。总之,要挑选出自己熟悉的内容,就不能把话题讲得很难。

Describe a law/rule that you think is good

What it is

how you knew it

Who it affects

Why you think it is good


What kind of people can become police officers?

Do you think both men and women can be police officers?

Do you think police officers are paid too much?

Is kindness the most important quality of a police officer?

Do all Chinese people obey the law?

六合登录网址 part2 范文

The law that prevents the child labour is the one I really appreciate and like. The law regarding the child labour prevents the employers from engaging anyone below 18 years old to be engaged in any work that possesses a threat to the child.

停止童工的法律是我真正欣赏和喜欢的。《童工法》规定,雇主不能雇用 18 岁以下的人从事对儿童构成威胁的任何工作。

Though I am not an employer and do not face the situation where I need to decide whether I should involve a child to such work, I should not say if I abide by this law or not. Nevertheless, I fully support the law and would never violate it. If I am even remotely involved in abiding by this law, I would definitely obey this law.

虽然我不是雇主,也不面临需要决定是否应该允许孩子做这种工作的情况, 我不应该说我是否遵守了这项法律。尽管如此,我完全支持这项法律,绝不会违反它。如果我可以远程遵守这个法律,我一定会遵守这个法律。

I feel that this is an important law and everybody should abide by this law. Children are our next generation and their safety should be our priority. So we should never engage them in hazardous work and should make sure that they are getting the proper education. Though the government and the parents of those kids have a responsibility to nurture them and ensure their education, sometimes it is beyond their control and each of us should make sure that we are not violating this law.

我认为这是每个人都应该遵守的重要法律。孩子们是我们的下一代,他们的安全应该是我们的首要任务。因此,我们不应该让他们做危险的工作,我们应该确保他们受到适当的教育。虽然抚养这些孩子并确保他们的教育是政府和这些孩子的父母的责任, 有时候,他们无法控制,我们每个人都应该确保我们不违反这项法律。

I like this law because it prevents the greedy employers to engage the children to hazardous and dangerous works because of low payment. The children who should be at school and in playground should not get involved in works that possess dangers to them. Since this law strictly prohibits the citizens from doing such thing that ruin the children future, I really feel a great respect for this law.


六合登录网址题目及参考答案 part3

What international law should be applied all over the world?

Children are the most vulnerable section of the society and it appears that the International law on children to protect their basic rights should be applied globally. In most of the countries, the rights of children are regularly being violated; they are forced into labour, prostitution, domestic help, and more other hazardous jobs. So, the global leaders should come into an agreement to enforce the law strictly across the world.

儿童是社会最脆弱的部分,保护儿童基本权利的国际法似乎应该在全球适用。在大多数国家,儿童的权利经常受到侵犯; 他们被迫从事劳动、卖淫、家政服务和其他危险的工作。因此,全球领导人应该达成协议,在全球范围内严格执行法律。

Who are more popular, the lawyers or the police?

The lawyers are less popular in the country comparing the policemen. The lawyers are always seeking chances to trap the victims while the police members help the victims more than the lawyers to get justice. The lawyers unusually increase the minor case litigation processes while the policemen try to solve such issues in the police stations so that the citizens could have less legal complexities.


Why we should follow the rules strictly?

Rules are made to make the society peaceful. If there were no rules then people would have done whatever they want to gain their own benefits. It is the rules which are preventing them from performing the evil tasks. So, for a better and happy environment, we should follow rules in our everyday life.


What can be done to motivate people so that they abide by the rules and law?

Inspiration to follow rules is the key task to make people motivated towards following rules. The government or the respective authority could arrange some awards for the civil citizens who follow rules strictly. Mass awareness could also be raised over the benefits of following rules so that people could be made motivated.



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2019年六合登录网址 part1 &2&3 题目汇总

为了方便大家更好的备考雅思口语考试,今天 麦考瑞 在线张老师为大家整理了 2019年六合登录网址考试新模式 part2&3: 实用技巧, 我想给大家提供参考和借鉴。希望可以帮助大家备考,为更多的六合登录网址考试做好准备。欢迎大家随时关注 麦考瑞 雅思。

六合登录网址 part2: Describe a practical skill you learned

You should say:

What it was

When you learned it

Why you learned it

And how you felt about it

Part 3

What is the most important practical skill in modern society?

What kinds of skills are difficult to learn?

What kinds of professions require practical skills?

What are some special skills that people can learn?

六合登录网址 part2 范文:

OK! I 'd like to start off by saying a practical skill I' ve learned recently. It is a mobile phone repairing. It is more about electronics and technology and involves an understanding of the Printed Circuit Board.

I have a vivid memory of doing the course of repairing electronic items. When I was in the second year of my graduation, I was told that people should have extra skills so that later in life they will find livelihood jobs.

I had enrolled for the course diploma course in electronics. I learned to repair Television, Radio, Mobile. Initially, the mentor teaches us a theory about how any equipment works and gradually it took us how to troubleshoot and fix the exact issue. I was quite challenging learning this skill.

Overall, it helped me a lot as physics was my major in graduation, the practical session was a piece of cake for me. In my view, everyone should have such skill because it is often that failure of their electronic device, so with this skill they could easily fix themselves.

六合登录网址 part3:

What is the most important practical skill in modern society?

They knew that success in today 's economy depended far less on their university degree, and more on the practical ways they could apply their learning to real life situations.

What practical skills do children leant at school in your country?

I 'm afraid that there are not many. Academics are stressed so highly in schools that they seem to overshadow practical skills. I suppose students probably leant to listen to their teacher and how to behave and sit for long periods at a time and apply themselves. They also have to learn how to interact amongst themselves in a satisfactory way. They have to learn how to get up on time and be at their school, which teaches them responsibility. I guess it would help to define what practical skills we are talking about.

How useful will these skills be to the children alter they leave school?

Well as I was saying in the previous question, these skills would be very helpful to children after they leave school. When a teenager goes from high school to college he has to start managing things on his own without the security of mom and dad. Even more so when a young adult graduates from college or university, he would also be very grateful to have some practical knowledge on how to survive in the working world.

Do you think it 's useful f or adults to attend classes to further their education?

Sure, why not, if it is something that they find useful in their lives and something that they enjoy. Learning is lifelong and I don 't know if it has to stop in old age. Now I know that a lot of times these adults are looked upon as teachers, but if they feel so inclined why not attend a class to further their education. If they are not able to keep up with the young students then this would be a detriment, but if there are no disruptions why not?

What kinds of courses exist in your country for adults?

There are wonderful exercise classes that are available for adults. I don 't know if you have seen large groups of older women out on the streets performing with various percussion instruments, but these are classes that help them to work together and perform for audiences. There arc dancing classes available. There are even English classes available for senior citizens. There are Tai Chi classes also available to seniors here. As time goes on and the country develops there will be more classes that will be available for seniors.


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雅思考生必杀防脱发 ,新六合登录网址题 part2 题参考范文出炉。新的话题就在眼前,1月的换季也不慌张。友情提示: 范文仅供参考。六合登录网址高分的秘诀就是根据自己口语的实际情况经常练习,烤鸭的毛 er 由我们守护。

六合登录网址 part2 题目

Describe an activity (something) you do to keep fit(healthy)

You should say:

what it is

when you started it

whether you enjoy it

and explain why you think it can help you to keep fit


1 、应聘人员: 所有应聘人员

2 、主题: 瑜伽健身

故事情节: 生活在于运动。上了两年的瑜伽课,不仅改变了姿势,还让你保持头脑清醒,精力充沛,缓解了压力。

Staying in good shape is everyone 's concern and I am no exception. To be honest, I have been so caught up in my study since I entered university that I have a problem in organizing my daily routine. ......

Unlike dancing or running, yoga definitely involves stretching actions ......

What I enjoy the most about yoga is meditation......

By maintaining a schedule of taking part in the yoga class on a daily basis ......



Staying in good shape

catch up in

daily routine

lead a healthy lifestyle

burn calories

refresh mind


To be honest, I have been so caught up in my study since I entered university that I have a problem in organizing my daily routine.

Another thing is that doing yoga is supposed to be good for curing headaches and digestion-related problems, so it benefits not only physical well-being but also mental health.

And of course, I don 't see myself stopping practicing this activity any time soon.


发表于 2019-07-10
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